A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Stolen Memory is a platform, skill and puzzle game that will put you in the shoes of Gerrit, a skilled agent who has been sent to an apparently abandoned training center that for some reason is busy.

You will have to overcome different obstacles and enemies to unlock the doors and levels of the training center and discover the dark truth about the objective of that place.

During the game you must look for the key that will unlock the door to get out of there and investigate the next area as you go through the different rooms of the game.

You will have a health indicator that will let you know how many times you can take damage before dying and have to start developing the room from the beginning.

In the Android version you will have virtual keys that will allow you to move Gerrit, in the case of Windows, you can use your keys, both in the menu and during the game.

The color palette, aesthetics and music of the game will take you back to the times of 4-color on-screen portable consoles like the legendary Nintendo Gameboy.

Game in Spanish (Secondary Language)

During the game and after passing the levels you will see images and supporting readings that will tell you an interesting story. The entire game has been translated into English and Spanish so as not to miss any detail.

Undoubtedly a light, exciting and pleasant experience made as a video game that in history, aesthetics and development will remind you of classic science fiction works.


Install instructions

How to install:

  • In Windows
    Download and extract the content inside the zip in any directory on your computer.
    Run the file stolen-memory beta0.1.exe and play!
  • In Android
    Enable the option of third-party applications in the security section of your phone.
    Select the .apk file downloaded from your file browser and once installed, play!


StolenMemory.zip 30 MB
StolenMemory.apk 38 MB

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